Our Story

Peckish is a small (two person) family company based in sunny Bangor, Co. Down run by Sarah and Phil McClure. Sarah does all the baking and Phil does the techie stuff.

We didn't want to create just another company that sells tray bakes, there are plenty of those already and both like the idea of keeping things simple in order to produce something of high quality.

It was this focus on simplicity and quality that lead us to the idea for Peckish. You'll notice we only offer two types of cookie per week - our standard Trusty Old Choc Chip and our "Cookie of the week", which changes every week (as the name implies). This simple menu allows us to deliver on our main selling point, WARM COOKIES .

Our customers are always amazed when they get their cookies warm and you will be too. Why not give us a try.

Thank You

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy, here are at Peckish, is to keep things as simple as possible. That simplicity enables us to keep the level of quality as high as possible. We truly believe that if you try to spread yourself too thin and offer a wider variety of products, quality will suffer. So, our highest values for Peckish are:

  • Keep is simple
  • Always use the highest quality ingredients
  • Deliver from oven to doorstep